PhaseLocked Systems Recent Projects

PhaseLocked Systems has been involved in radar system design, RF circuit design, operating systems design, intercept receiver design, DSP design for telephony, and more. A brief list of recent activities includes

  • Analysis and simulation of 3GPP waveforms in nonlinear interference and distortion. Includes UMTS, LTE, and most other active standardized waveforms.
  • Design of an equalizer system for nonlinear SATCOM channels.
  • Part of the architecture team for three OFDM chipsets.
  • Design of a unique micro-cellular telephony system based on the WiMAX OFDMA standard.
  • Detailed analysis of A/D and D/A requirements for OFDMA systems in the presence of intermodulation, mixer spurs, and adjacent-channel interference.
  • Design of an automated test system for an OFDM chipset.
  • Development of high-fidelity audio path circuitry and proprietary wireless system architecture for remote audio systems.
  • Development of a flexible object-oriented simulation platform for rapid prototyping OFDM(A) systems with support for accurate evaluation of modulation and estimation techniques.