Curriculum Vitae
Robert T. Short, Ph.D.
Professional Skills

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  • Expert in statistical communication theory and practice
  • Experienced in all network layers with strong emphasis on the PHY layer
  • Solid understanding of the system engineering process from requirements to testing
  • Solid understanding of signal processing (analog and digital)
  • Clear understanding of the fundamentals of architecture
  • Good customer skill and works well with team members
  • Excellent teaching, presenting, and writing skills
  • Superb analytical skills - specializing in the difficult problems
  • Strong understanding many wireless standards

  • Practical and implementation-oriented in outlook
  • Broad understanding of electronics, including RF circuits.
  • Expert in C++, MATLAB, octave, python, and many other computer languages
  • Adept at the use of object-oriented techniques in both software and system design
  • Expert at using mathematics and computer modeling to generate clear, intuitive solutions


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