Curriculum Vitae
Robert T. Short, Ph.D.

Professional History

  • PhaseLocked Systems (August 2004-Present). Founder and Principal.

    Technical consulting services for wireless systems, including OFDM and spread-spectrum radios.
    • Simulation, analysis, circuit design and patent work.
    • Analysis of 3GPP waveforms in nonlinear circuit distortion.
    • Tutorials, including 3GPP waveforms (IS-95 and WCDMA), OFDM(A), Spread-spectrum, CDMA.
    • Equalization in Satellite Communication Systems.
    • WiMax-like OFDMA system and UWB systems. I have created several concepts that are currently in the patent process, and have provided clients with technical support for ASIC and FPGA design as well as business acquisition efforts.
    • Involved in patent work, both submitting patents and assisting with infringement suits.

  • Alereon, Inc. (September 2002-July 2004). Chief Engineer.

    Technical lead for an ultrawideband chipset development.
    • Led staffing effort for RFIC and Digital ASIC development teams.
    • Primary architect for the Alereon UWB chipset and support efforts.
    • Helped support fundraising through technical coordination of due diligence efforts.
    • Led chipset system engineering efforts.
    • Coordinated PHY ASIC design from inception, hiring, through tapeout.

  • Pacific Crest Corporation (February 2001-August 2002). Chief Technical Officer.

    Technical lead for a variety of wireless positioning products.
    • Responsible for system architecture and development of a new wireless networking product, as well as updating and re-engineering existing wireless products.
    • Responsible for updating and enhancing engineering processes, both for existing products and a new wireless networking product similar to an 802.11b system.
    • Created, staffed, and managed a new remote development center.

  • ParkerVision, Inc. (April 1997-February 2001). Corporate Staff Scientist and Design Center Manager.

    Technical lead for a team of engineers designing low power analog communication systems.
    • Developed detailed and accurate mathematical models for a new direct downconversion technology.
    • Coordinated the design of analog ASICs and discrete wireless systems.
    • Signal Space Design, Inc. (September 1998-January 2000). President and Founder.
      Technical and managerial lead of a team of extremely competent young engineers for a contract engineering firm. Designed analog and digital communication systems, low noise circuits, and embedded systems. SSD was profitable every month and was sold to ParkerVision in January 2000.
    • Digital Scientific, Inc. (April 1997-August 1998). Director of Wireless Engineering.
      Technical director and manager for the development, from inception to manufacturing, of a line of 2.4 GHz spread spectrum multiprotocol data radios. Coordinated design and marketing of a flat-panel antenna line. Was awarded an SBIR for research into multiuser systems in multipath and fading channels. When funding for the wireless division was eliminated, I acquired the assets and formed Signal Space Design, Inc.

  • Digital Radio, Inc. (April 1994-April 1997). Chief Technology Officer.

    Contract engineering, including spread-spectrum radio development, embedded systems, signal processing, FSK systems, software design.

  • The University of Utah. (July 1989-June 1994). Professor of Electrical Engineering.

    Tenure-track faculty with the University of Utah. Duties included teaching, research, and administration. Courses taught included communications, signal processing, and control systems (single and multivariable). Research included adaptive systems, spread spectrum interference reduction, nonlinear systems, multiuser receivers, adaptive A/D converters, and implementation of DSP algorithms in integrated circuits. Managed the College of Engineering computer facilities.
    July 1984-July 2001.
    Research Professor of Electrical Engineering. Occasional research contract, course instructor.

  • Unisys, Inc. (October 1984-October 1989). Senior Staff Engineer.
    Digital communication systems and intercept receivers.

  • Hewlett-Packard. (September 1981-August 1984). Engineer.
    Operating system design, implementation, and testing.

  • Motorola GED. (January 1976-August 1981). Engineer.
    Radar system and circuit design.

  • Naval Weapons Center. (July 1973-December 1973). Coop student, Hybrid Circuit Lab.

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